Oxygen & Temperature

Amperometric Oxygen & Temperature Probe

Measuring probe that makes use of the amperometric method. Type of electrode: combination silver-platinum, electrolyte: solution of and alkaline electrolyte. Clark cells enhances the precision when measuring the amounts of oxygen in liquids. These cells generate an electric current proportional to the partial pressure of oxygen, which is proportional to its measurement. To avoid interference, the Clark cell is covered by a gas permeable membrane.

Luminescent Oxygen & Temperature Probe

This probe is used for the optical measurement of oxygen. The working principle of the measurement is based on the reduction of dynamic luminescence of molecular oxygen. The phosphorescent substance in contact with the oxygen has a specific behaviour and light reflection capacity. When collision occurs, energy is transferred and the molecule losses luminescence resulting in a decrease in the measurable signal. The relationship between the oxygen concentration and the luminescence duration allows the measurement of the oxygen.