UV Disinfection Systems: Clean Waters

Destruction of Micro-polluters through Advanced Oxidation H2O2 + UV

Water treatment system by advanced oxidation. Composed by oxygenated water tank, injecting pumps, UV reactor and control system.

  • Taste and smell treatment: Geosmine, MIB (decomposing algae, cyanobacteria’s)
  • Pesticides: 2,4D; 1,4D; NDMA
  • Pharmaceutical products

UV system for water treatment stations of small/medium dimensions

  • With on-line mechanic automatic cleaning
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Low pressure lamps
  • Independent bio-test certificate

UV system for water treatment stations of medium/large dimensions with medium pressure lamps technology.

  • With on-line mechanical and chemical automatic cleaning
  • Lamp perpendicular to the flow direction
  • Lamps up to 15000W, medium pressure
  • Independent bio-test certificate

Para ETAs de média/grande dimensão. Recorre a lâmpadas de baixa pressão com 1000 W.

  • Com limpeza automática química e mecânica on-line
  • Design Único com Lâmpadas Obliquas
  • Solo Lamp com 1000W, baixa pressão
  • Certificado de bio-ensaio independente

Developed for water treatment station of small dimension. Optimization of the energetic consumption, advanced dosing control and FIN (Flow Integration) technology.

  • With on-line mechanic automatic cleaning
  • FIN (Flow Integration) technology
  • Independent bio-test certificate